“Birthdays are for Kids, Silly…I’m not…?”

You know you’re getting too old when you stop caring what the unimportant people think about you, when you can pee with the door open…or try to…or when a birthday is just another day with ur soon to expire license stares u in the face. 🙂

This sounds so emo, generic, cliquy(spelling?), and unoriginal, but seriously, thanks guys for the birthday wishes…now if this literal non-stop day to heck would stop, I might actually celebrate with myself by sleeping since the week of drs isn’t over quite yet, so my lil people had to go stay with my Mom for the next 15hrs 😦

But seriously, thanks for reaching out and the messages…thank goodness unlimited txt hah ;P






Side-note Shout Out: PLEASE take a few minutes and check out the links above. They are the personal online art stores of someone VERY close to me, and one of the best people I know and am lucky to have in my life. Not to mention the undeniable fact that she is actually very talented with her artwork, as well as a great child and adult art teacher; and the TRUE definition of someone who is Quirky! 😉 These stores will blow your local Arts and Craft or Art Supply Chain store out of the water with the massive inventory of unique hard to find vintage and steampunk art supplies, self designed wooden stamps, to actual one of a kind mixed media wearable and decorative, as well as vintage, with a steampunk twist! All art pieces are both designed and created to be works of art available for purchase to wear, decorate your home, or give someone special, including yourself in this upcoming Holiday season!

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2 thoughts on ““Birthdays are for Kids, Silly…I’m not…?”

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