Daily Quirky Rant – Pre-Rant – Warning & Happy Monday


Please note: If you are reading this, and know me in real life, please do not take offense to anything written, as I am not intending to offend anyone. This is probably one of the first posts I am actually posting as myself, without a lot of change to detail, as well as being bluntly honest and true about my real life holiday experiences and feelings.

Also note, for other bloggers out there with children or infants and toddlers of their own, without an actual office space to get away and write away or edit photos, as I once had circa 5 years ago, I am finding that if I type and speak out loud with each word in which I type, knocking on wood, or my glass desk table, laughing out loud to myself, as long as I type and say each word in which I type it seems to keep my 51week old preemie and my 2.5year old son actually semi quiet and in tune to see what Mommy is typing or telling a story about. With that said, this blog will unfortunately lack the graphic nature in which I sometimes find myself typing or writing, but rarely ever posting. When I do post anything that is the usual non-edited molifer style or blab it, ink it, dont proof read it, post it, aka shout it and not look back to think or reflect on anything from grammar to actual content, as well as spelling, sometimes having autocorrect make me out to look like a drunk, belligerent fool, when in fact, I don’t drink, and can’t, even though I actually truly loved drinking wine and beer at one point in my life in which I have yet to publicly post and describe, but drank not necessarily to drink and be a blacked out drunk, but to try and complete an impossible, bucket list wish of trying every single type of red like wine before I died. However, life, babies, chronic illness, maturity, etc etc (you can fill in the blanks) happens and you have to decide at some point that you are going to grow up and be an adult, even though yes, at heart, we all “just want to be a Toys R Us Kid.”

Now, without that long tangent out of the way, I am going to now continue on and make my original post, actually a second post of the day, and maybe later if I have the time and energy (har har har), I will go back and do something I rarely do; proofread, edit, and combine posts! Yes, it’s 2012, the world is coming to an end, so in my small pathetic little uncharmed life, I am going to go out and do the unusual and unthinkable I don’t normally do. Heck, I turned 28 years old this month, 7 years older than I ever thought I would live…. to be continued…Babies are calling LOL


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