Who Peed In My Cheerios? …And Why? Why? WHY!?!?!



Photo Credit: Me – Philadelphia February 2011 “Rain Drops and Roses are Usually Just Fake Poses” (except the chick pictured. hah)


Happy freaking Sunday. I am not feeling well & actually grumpy…if I had actually been able to eat breakfast or lunch…I would be questioning whether someone peed in my Cheerios this morning because I’m just having ONE OF THOSE DAYS! 

Apparently domestic partnership means nothing even for straight people, and actually worse for straight people. Yes I’ve been engaged in the past, however, I have never, and will never have that dream every little girl has to get proposed to. I could care less about the wedding and a piece of paper. It’s the proposal, the commitment, and the follow thru. So much for health insurance, because like I’ve been told, I am EXACTLY LIKE THE MAGGIE IN LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS! I KNOW ALREADY!!!!! Yes I have been engaged before, but the person didn’t even plan anything out and supposedly proposed in my sleep after having someone else go get the ring. Something guys will never understand. BUT OH WELL…I have bigger things to worry and complain about than stupid childhood dreams that will never ever happen.

Guess I am stuck being gouged by Medicare for Medication not on the formulary, samples I can’t get, and charged more than I will see in a life time for meds that aren’t really helping as much. I am starting to think Medicare forces you to play Russian Roulette…and in turn quietly have the government use it as a form of population control…plus Medicare is aimed at senior citizens able to take medications that are generic and as old as they are. My one medication blood thinner, Lovenox, even in generic form, is still an outrageous unaffordable price at the moment. Fortunately I am stocked up…but the supply is beginning to dwindle.


I’m hoping this negative brings positive over the next few days. Don’t go to bed on bad terms, hug the ones you love, and even the ones you hate, and force yourself to be positive even when you are grumpy; says the grumpy one.


Just when I was starting to see light at the end of the road and something positive, everything in my life went to crud overnight. I need some big fingers crossed, and people who pray to pray, and positive thoughts and energy for a few things personally in my life and in my family over the next 3-4 days.


Oh well. Stop reading my garbage and go get out of the house and make the best of this Sunday! You never know…tomorrow an asteroid could hit earth and we could all be dead!


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