Repost: Molly’s Rant on Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania Petition


Originally Blogged on 1-7-2013 by MHL

Click to Sign Petition Updated 10-29-2013

After reading an article on tonight, I stumbled upon “The Marijuana Policy Project,” at , and I finally decided to take on the discussion of politics (something I hate most), and a touchy topic of discussion and or concern, that many of us tend to stray from; due to the fear of criminal prosecution.

However, this is America! In America, we have the right to the freedom of speech, thought and opinion. Ergo, I am going to rant!!! 🙂

As someone suffering from multiple chronic illnesses, without cures, and personally currently facing an unfortunate scary medical roadblock, and fiscally (with exponentially growing medical bills driving my fiscal future well below six feet under), I have decided to take a stab at voicing my opinion on the whole medical marijuana legislation topic.

Please note: My thoughts and views are based on years of personally reading, and researching, various scientific research projects and surveying the evidence in medical journals, now proving marijuana does in fact present positive medical efficacy. HOWEVER, I am still a law abiding citizen. In other words, until, if and, or when legislation is passed, and the proper legal channels are followed, I am not, and will not be a marijuana smoker. I only wear my ugly old Birkenstocks because they are comfortable. 🙂

With all that said and out of the way, I feel it has become apparent that we all need to think medically and responsibly, to possibly support such legislation, by alone just looking at the plans various senators, commissioners, lobbyists, and researchers have presented from both a medical and fiscal standpoint. I urge you to PLEASE support giving seriously ill patients such as myself, as well as other patients, with chronic debilitating and disabling diseases other medical options.

I am personally inflicted with including autoimmune disorders such as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain, so I am able to relate to others with chronic illness, on a constant daily feeling of frustration. Many patients in Pennsylvania with legal access to marijuana, with a doctor’s recommendation, could SERIOUSLY BENEFIT AND FEEL BETTER!!!

Medically and financially this would be a positive move from all standpoints! Time is of the essence for both the medical well being of patients, as well as helping our current fiscal disaster our economy in shambles, has become. Legalizing medical marijuana would have both long and short term effects on both fronts (and more). and the idea should be seriously considered by all parties whether you are Democratic or Republican…

Legalizing the practice of medical practitioners prescribing, patient use, and protecting the rights of patients (on a local, state, AND federal level), to use, and possess medical marijuana AS PRESCRIBED, for a range of conditions, including the ones I am inflicted and or annoyed daily with, such as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain etc. etc. etc.; along with other disabling and debilitating chronic conditions. This whole debacle is common sense and would not only help save taxpayers, and me, outrageous medical costs by reducing the amount of costly prescription medications needed on a daily basis, to live a semi productive or even productive life, but make life more fulfilling, AND help our current fiscal state! However, I am sure “big pharma” will contradict everything in some way unless their quarterly report includes revenue of some form from the sale of medical cannabis.

As a disabled patient for over 14years suffering from the above conditions, I would be willing to try an alternative form of treatment such as medical marijuana, due to hitting road blocks with my own disability and financial roadblocks I face with costly prescription medications prescribed daily. If I was not worried about legal prosecution on a local, state, or federal level, I would be in line to try out what I have read about and researched for yours about the positives, as well as the negatives medical marijuana has. It costs over $150 per day to keep someone like me alive. With medical marijuana, I bet about 75% of the medications I currently take, would no longer be needed, saving money exponentially in all areas…

Please consider voting or contacting your local senator, and urging him or her to vote for the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, as well as on a federal level.

Think of it this way…If your son or daughter was at a roadblock from a long battle with a chronic disease such as Lupus and Fibromyalgia causing chronic pain, frustration, anxiety, and PTSD etc., from judgmental, unethically biased doctors, on a daily basis, I bet you as a parent, friend, family member, partner, husband, wife, loved one, or even possibly hated one (for those caregivers of patients with Dementia and Alzheimers,) would be wanting to find, and try EVERY possible OPTION to make your child, other half, or whatever he or she is to you, happier, more comfortable, and able to live a more “normal” and fulfilling life until death does go and do us all part.

I apologize for not correcting grammar and or spelling etc., but my battery is dying, as are my eyelids! 🙂

Original Post 1-7-2013

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