Who is Murphy, Maggie, Molly, moLiFeR, Margie, etc.?

(Revised 6-8-13; with revisions still in progress…)

Well…for starters, I don’t have a big ego, or much of one for that matter; AT ALL. The pictures are really just because I love photography and my little stinkers. 🙂

As Dave Matthews would say, or sing,

“Life is short, but sweet for certain, so eat, drink, and be merry; for tomorrow we die.”

I’m really just a small town quirky, often misunderstood or too complex, relentless, eccentric, carefree, and nerdy worry-wort, in this big old crazy world. Yes, I am THAT girl who wears crazy mismatched socks and weathered Birkenstocks; whether it’s raining or sleeting. I have the a type A personality, trapped in a 28yr old body with Lupus, and not the average, single mommy of 2 toddler boys (both miracle babies from VERY high risk pregnancies.)

Spontaneous unplanned trips for a slice of pizza with the windows down, sunroof open or top down, playlist of music set, and driving miles I can’t afford to NYC for a slice of pizza, alone or with a friend. This in itself, can say a lot, about my personality and being.

I have found a way to live “the good life,” while being frugal over the years between our economic downfall, refusing to waste time sitting idle when I was fortunate to be raised by two of the greatest parents and as a semi only child (I was unplanned and the result of a likely midlife crisis by my father; ergo I have 2 much older siblings) with parents who loved to travel and treated me like an adult by taking me everywhere instead of getting a babysitter gave me an early addiction to traveling, spontaneous unplanned trips, exploring the unexplored, and attaining an abnormal palette at a VERY young age. Things like this often caused weird looks by the other students and my Kindergarden teacher, when the other kids drew Mac and cheese or hot dog pictures as their favorite foods, and I drew Filet Mignon with Bernaise Sauce.

After recently watching “Silver Linings Playbook,” I came to realize I am that girl who is always there for everyone else and helps others, but often finds myself left hanging at the other end of the stick when the tables turn. The only difference is I really don’t care and do things because I want to, without wanting anything in return. However, if you burn me or hurt me, I will “drop you like it’s hot.” I don’t need drama and don’t play games. While I have built a wall, I am still just a girl with feelings; I just try not to show them. Even down to having the same name, Maggie, as the main character in “Love and Other Drugs,” I have always been told by close friends I am the girl to go out and have fun with like one or the guys, but not one you date. (Whatever)

Before having babies, I had a fondness on special occasions of Red Bull and Vodka and the palette of a fat girl in a skinny girl’s body. I’m the type of girl who was just as happy going to a bar alone to drink (alcohol or non-alcohol) and smoke alone in the cold of winter, midnight glow bowling, or the movies by myself. Some could say that is a problem by going anywhere, let alone a bar alone, but I am okay on my own. I spent many years as a child worrying my Mother by riding my bicycle to Philadelphia and back on the trail; over 40miles a day without a cell phone. Even as a grown woman, she still worried when I would take spontaneous trips without notice to go explore abandoned buildings and places such as Centralia, Pennsylvania, all in ruins to take gloomy photographs. (Often referred to as URBEX.

I’m driven my life by spontaneous, but rational decisions, mouth watering food, I am quirky and dorky, and I rarely give a heck what anyone else thinks. I try to be positive even when a situation has limited positive sides for the sheer reason life is too short to be living alone, grumpy in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch. However, I don’t need other people to depend on. I believe in love, happiness, and family, but believe you can still have a family and find love and happiness within your little family, and being a single parent.

When the curtains are closed, ultimately minimizing the chance of risking questionable judgmental looks of neighbors or passerby strangers, I crank the music up, and dance and sing horribly off-key, with my toddlers and or the mop, to everything and almost anything, ranging from Dave Matthews, Pink, U2, Weezer, Jay Z, Rap, Classical, and Swing music. I can hardly stand country music except Patsy Cline. Dancing, “as white” as they come, has always been something that made me happy. I wouldn’t say I am the next “Baby,” from “Dirty Dancing,” but I did take swing lessons years ago in middle school, which someday, maybe I’ll get to poorly do again when the boys are older. For now they just shake their little butts and giggle at “silly Mommy!”

By day I’m a crazy Mommy of a medical defying 1.5 year old, and 3 year old, that both manage to turn any frown or bad day I have by giggling or smiling or doing things he shouldn’t. Until you have a child, you will never know exactly how hard it is to tell a baby “NO!” while trying not to laugh, as he eats the cat food, or tries to use your bra from the clean laundry basket as his new blankie. Said bra alwaya manages to somehow get thrown thru my spiral steps landing right at my front door, or pegging someone in the head with it as the door opens, immediately when you DO NOT want THAT happening.

I am known to have a serious case of verbal diarrhea expressed vocally and over “novel like text messages,” (however I can keep the biggest or smallest secret, regardless of it’s Klout and gossip value,) and am constantly frustrated from overexerting myself, despite the lack of energy caused by Lupus. I’m relentless and never give up, to the point I probably come on as too strong and opinionated, but hey, this is me, take it or leave it. 🙂

My brain has a serious deficit in determining what is dangerous or irrational, so by night I’m known to take spontaneous adventures to Philly or New York City and back, simply for a greasy slice of pizza and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda. If you haven’t done this, your life is boring and unoriginal and you should try it or at least add it to your bucket list. 🙂

My iPhone never leaves my fists, reaffirming my opinion that Apple was, is, and always will be a hands down solid stock to add to anyone’s financial portfolio. My camera is always in my car because I’m addicted to taking pictures and urban exploring everywhere and anywhere.

I have an artistic background, but an art teacher for a Mom, who I love unconditionally. Ergo, I’m a closet art junkie and let my Mom take the stage with her wickedly mysterious, crafty ways. My Dad was the spontaneous one in his prime, so I have no question as to where I lacked inherited that “normal”, danger-sensing chromosome of DNA. 🙂

With all that said, that babble is only a grain of sand as to who I really am. I have been writing for years, but have always been too self conscious to actually publish anything. I also have a serious case of writing followed by careless distraction and ADD, so I tend to write a rough draft and not check it for grammar, spelling, etc etc. before publishing.

I’d say this blog is about me, but my ego isn’t that big. I’m basically going to post everything from small personal things that made me laugh or cry in my day, reviews of new places I’ve decided to visit off the beaten path, and small semi fictional stories about people in my crazy, silly, little life. Names will be changed to protect the guilty. I am not responsible for offending you or you relating to something I wrote and having an explosive ego that makes you think I am actually writing about you. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You’re a free person, so if what I writes is more than PG-13 for you or against your beliefs, click the address bar in your browser and google Dr. Seuss. I take ZERO responsibility for ANYTHING.

If you made it this far, I apologize for boring you, but congratulate you on having the patience to read this much of a small auto-bio. If you are picking up where you left off after falling asleep, then I have helped you sleep better – aka, positive to everything! 😉 HAH!

Should you feel the need to contact me, my email is QuirkyMurphy AT Gmail DOT com.



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