Blogging 101 By: Molly – Written for Idiots, By The Poohbah Idiot Herself

Blogging 101 By: Molly – Written for Idiots, By The Poohbah Idiot Herself

Guess What: This too is under construction, but I PROMISE to lose sleep, push myself when in pain, type out loud to the boys, so they feel like Mommy is telling another story, or in George’d case, my personal assistant when he sits at his corner of my desk, and finish this blog, my secret blogs, posts, weed through over 2300 and counting blogs I write daily, never edit, and never publish with the intent of finally publishing a real hard cover book, and an eBook for all of you who don’t like the look of bookshelves…. Even if I make less than $10, at least I can say I finished something from beginning to end.

My plan is to not only wrap up construction on my websites, find time, energy, and stamina to edit about 27,000 photos with the intent to have people vote and pick which 3 or 4 to blow up and print by December 10th, 2012, finish at least 1 of my 3 semi-fictional books of short stories before February 1st, 2012…and hopefully find an Editor with a never ending supply of migraine pills who would love to take on editing my rants, two page run on sentences, vents with no direction, short stories, crazy encounters, and literally a life that could honestly be mistaken as fictional. Yes, the life I have been dealt with is THAT unbelievable, with the relentless daily life I lead.

I tend to help everyone but myself causing myself to never finish my list of lists each day, and then loose sleep, wake up with two little people, and then pay for it after 48hours, when I end up finally sleeping after the 44th hour of “inspiration” where I write for a good 2hours, with the feeling I am on to something. However, if I actually look back, I often sigh in relief that I hadn’t posted my unedited,jargon with no flow, point, transition, or ending.


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